Unbelievable Taste,
Unbeatable Value!

Fast Fixin’ makes it easy to serve great-tasting meals and snacks for kids and fun appetizers that everyone at your table will enjoy. Made from 100% all-natural* chicken from chickens raised with no hormones or steroids added** and a commitment to quality and value, you can feel great about bringing us to your table. When it comes to unbelievable taste, quick and easy preparation, and an unbeatable value for your money – Fast Fixin’ gives you the best for less.

Our Chicken Nuggets Beat The Competition!

It’s TRUE! In taste tests, our nuggets outperformed the top two national brands for appearance, flavor and texture. The firm bite, natural rotisserie flavor and crisp breading pleased adults and kids alike. When moms love the value and kids love the taste, there’s no reason to pay more for the big brands.

Family-Friendly Entrées For
Every Taste

We don’t stop with mouthwatering chicken nuggets – there’s a Fast Fixin’ for everyone to love. Our favorites like Country Fried Steak, Original Meatballs, and finger-lickin' Chicken Breast Tenders are getting rave reviews from families everywhere! Fast Fixin’ in your freezer means meal time, snack time, any time is a great time to gather your family and enjoy our unbelievable taste and unbeatable value.

* Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients
** Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry